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CBD Oil for IBS – What South Africans Should Know

CBD Oil for IBS

Although cannabinoid medicines have been used for many years people are still learning about its medicinal properties and the many ailments it can assist with. At the moment, people want to know if CBD oil for IBS really works. That’s what you can find out in today’s post.

If you have a suspicion that you have IBS then read our symptoms section for clarity. Also learn how to treat it with CBD oil. There are many factors to consider before you decide to use CBD oil for IBS such as what the side effects are and the dosages you should use.

Continue reading to find out more about how CBD oil can help you with your IBS problem.

IBS – Triggers and Symptoms

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) or spastic colon is an intestinal disorder that causes severe abdominal pain. The cause of IBS isn’t well known, but possible causes could be a sensitive immune system or colon. Another possibility is a bacterial infection in the gastrointestinal tract.

IBS symptoms:

  • Mild to severe pain in the abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

IBS Triggers

There are many factors that can trigger IBS symptoms but the most common cause is spicy foods or food that contains gluten. You may want to keep a food diary to identify which eatables are causing your triggers.

On the other hand, anxiety and high levels of stress can also trigger your IBS symptoms. Fortunately CBD oil has been proven to help those that suffer with anxiety, which is one way this natural product becomes your possible IBS solution.

CBD Oil for IBS – Does It Work?

You may be taking medication for IBS but some medicines only work well to target specific symptoms and they may cause severe side effects. If you’re looking for a natural medication with widespread impact, you may want to try CBD oil for IBS. But does it really work?

There is some evidence that CBD oil can help reduce inflammatory bowel disease. The anti-inflammatory compounds in CBD oil may be able to reduce the symptoms of IBS if you take the correct dosages and use the right type of CBD oil.

What’s more, there are studies that show CBD oil can reduce inflammation in the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties. So, you can treat multiple health challenges with one product.

What Type of CBD Oil is Best for IBS?

Many experts suggest that people should take THC and CBD oil for IBS together as opposed to taking the two medications separately to treat symptoms. Taking THC and CBD oil together is called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a theory that all the compounds in cannabis work together to heal or reduce the effects of certain ailments. So when THC and CBD oil is consumed it provides better results than using the two medications separately.

Therefore, the best CBD oil for IBS is full spectrum products because they contain THC. Although, if you’re administering CBD oil to children or minors you’ll want to use isolated broad-spectrum CBD oil instead because these products don’t contain THC. Also, if you don’t want THC in your body, a quality CBD oil is more than sufficient to help treat IBS.

Dosages of CBD Oil for IBS and How to Calculate

People will have different IBS symptoms so not everyone will require the same CBD oil dosages. You may need a higher or lower CBD oil dosage depending on the following:

  • How much you weigh
  • Your body chemistry
  • How sensitive you are to medication
  • The severity of your symptoms

If you’re new to CBD oil then you may want to start off with smaller doses of 20mg to 30mg a day. You can then increase the dosage after a week by 4mg to 5mg. Continue gradually increasing your dosage until you can feel that it’s treating your IBS symptoms effectively.

CBD oil products come with a dropper. Check the packaging to see how much CBD is in a single drop of oil. This will help you plan your usage.

How to Calculate CBD Oil for IBS Dosages

A single drop will usually be about 0.5ml. If you have a 10ml bottle it will hold 200 drops of CBD oil. If your product states that the 10ml bottle is a 1000mg of CBD then each drop you take will have 5mg of CBD. So to get a 30mg dosage you will need six drops of CBD oil to treat your IBS.

Are There Side Affects When Using CBD Oil for IBS?

One of the advantages of using CBD oil for IBS is that you can’t overdose on the product. However, if you take extremely high doses (1500mg or more) you may experience some side effects such as the following:

  • Lethargy
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea

So, it’s still important to use the product responsibly.

Note that taking too much CBD oil won’t result in death which other chemically induced medications can cause if taken in high doses. However, it’s still important to take the correct doses of CBD oil to reduce the risk of side effects.

What to Look for When Buying Quality CBD Oil for IBS

When you’re looking for high quality CBD oil for IBS, decide whether you want full-spectrum or isolated CBD products. CBD oil without THC (isolated CBD) is still highly effective when treating IBS symptoms and is best if you don’t want to feel that high.

You’ll also want to choose your CBD oil potency level. You can get 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg bottles of CBD. Lastly, ensure you purchase your CBD oil from a reputable brand that you can trust.

Final Thoughts

Looking for an all natural way to treat your IBS symptoms? Then Vitozol CBD oil is exactly what you need to reduce your gastrointestinal flare-ups. You’ll appreciate that Vitozol doesn’t contain any THC so the oil is safe for children and even pets to consume.

Vitozol is CBD oil that’s trusted by many South Africans because it doesn’t contain chemicals and its risk of side effects is extremely low. Shop for CBD oil for IBS on the Vitozol website and start treating your symptoms with a safe medication that works!

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

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