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CBD for Asthma: Interesting Facts All Families Should Know

CBD for Asthma

The idea if battling just to draw your next breath is a scary notion but you or a loved one may be one of the many who face this reality on a daily basis. All because if asthma. You’re probably continuously looking for efficient treatment which is why many consider CBD for asthma. Are you wondering if it will be a hit or a miss if you start taking CBD products?

For the 339 million people who live with asthma worldwide there is good news that natural remedies such as CBD can help with managing some of the symptoms. But what are the facts you should be aware of? What is a realistic outcome to hope for? Let’s discuss.

What is Asthma Exactly?

Asthma originates in the lungs’ airways. The problems, such as a tight chest, coughing and wheezing, present because of areas swelling and due to inflammation. The follow on of this is mucus in the airways and these areas become constricted. All if this creates the problems that hamper normal breathing.

In the US, around 10 people are diagnosed with the condition every day. This doesn’t mean they all have the same experience since there are different styles. For example one type is caused by an overactive immune system. There’s an occupational asthma type and one induced by exercise. The list goes on.

There can be many different reasons for triggering the immune system, including but not limited to the following allergens:

  • Cold weather
  • Dust
  • Mites
  • Pets
  • Pollen

Can CBD for Asthma be the Treatment You’ve Been Hoping for?

Similar to many conditions that CBD can help with, there still needs to be extensive clinical tests in order to provide statistical proof of its exact impact. However, many people’s stories and some healthcare professionals’ findings have shown it’s worth considering CBD for asthma treatment.

3 Ways CBD can Help for Asthma

CBD has a range of ways it impacts the human body. Specifically, there are three ways it can possibly assist in the case of asthma:

  • Anxiety: You may feel anxious about your condition, or the medication you’re taking can spark anxiety in some people. CBD is widely used to curb anxiety, which means someone with asthma can have better quality of life thanks to CBD. It can prevent anxiety leading to a flare up or even other problems such as depression.
  • Inflammation: CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. For someone with asthma, CBD may result in faster recovery after a flare up. It could even counter the pain sometimes experienced by patients.
  • Spasms: Another use of CBD is thanks to its antispasmodic properties. If you have asthma this can prevent excessive spasms and even relax the muscles in the lung area, which could benefit breathing.

Magic Formula or Supplementary Treatment?

The fact that it works doesn’t mean your asthma will disappear overnight. Very few remedies have that effect on people with diseases and health conditions. However, even just looking at preclinical feedback, one can hope for less severe asthma attacks and flare-ups. That means fewer effects like coughing.

Another welcome thought is that patients often experience attacks less frequently once they add CBD to asthma treatments. For some there’s the possibility of going off their inhalers! Of course, it’s vital to include your doctor in decisions and inform him or her about developments, so treatment can be customised accordingly.

Will CBD Interfere with Existing Treatments?

You may wonder how using CBD will impact what you’re already taking and doing to manage your condition. CBD oil is a natural product and the absence of additives is good news. However, all substances may affect each other, so it’s important to monitor how your body behaves after starting to take CBD. Also discuss it with your doctor.

How to Use CBD for Asthma

You’ll see we mentioned adding CBD as an asthma treatment. So, it shouldn’t become your only treatment option. Existing asthma treatments all play vital roles in helping patients cope with the condition. CBD simply has a complementary role to play.

You should discuss taking CBD for asthma with your healthcare provider. They should know what you’re taking in order to manage other items on your treatment plan. He or she can also advise you on how much of the substance to take.

Many would say 1500mgs a maximum amount for the average person. However, you may need as little as 5mg or 300mg. Factors such as your weight should be considered, so talk to a professional or read product leaflets thoroughly before starting to use CBD oil for asthma.

Side Effects: What Should You Know?

Part of preparing for a new addition to your asthma treatment is knowing about side effects. Although it doesn’t present with side effects for all users, you may experience effects like nausea, problems with appetite, lethargy or struggling to sleep. Monitor this closely so it doesn’t affect your lifestyle. You may be able to counter the effects by adjusting your dosage.

Which CBD Products are Best for Asthma Treatment?

An important consideration is the quality of the CBD products you digest. Not all CBD products are the same.

Firstly, the source of the plants from which manufacturers harvest CBD matters. Make sure you purchase organic products with minimal additives and with no pesticides. Also make sure you use products that don’t contain any THC.

It’s advisable to take CBD oil orally, rather than smoking or vaping. The latter methods carry a bigger chance of irritating the airways.

Use the Best for Ultimate Relief

Ready to give it a try?

CBD could be the substance that gives you a little more peace of mind about your or someone else’s health. Use Vitozol CBD oil and you can be sure you get safe, quality products.

They’re easy to obtain via our online store and we provide clear usage guidelines. You can also talk to our staff about the correct dosage to use for asthma. We’re here to assist if you need us.

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