Vitozol Life CBD Cannabis Oil
Vitozol Life CBD Oil (600mg)
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Vitozol Life CBD Oil (600mg)



Restore Your Health the Right Way

This product is pharmaceutically certified.

Vitozol – South Africas leading and most popular CBD oil brand.

(5 customer reviews)


  • Our products are 100% natural CBD (Not cheaper hemp alternative)
  • Vitozol does not contain any THC
  • A natural health supplement that can spark impressive results
  • Wide range of uses to benefit both body and mind
  • It can improve quality of life
  • Easy to add to any meal plan
  • Expert testing and high safety standards
  • Enjoy fast results
  • Pharmaceutically certified
  • Safe to use for almost any age
  • Low risk of side effects

5 reviews for Vitozol Life CBD Oil (600mg)

  1. Avatar for Webmaster

    Benne Bornman

    5 – Amazing product. Would recommend Vitozol Life for everyone.

  2. Avatar for Webmaster

    Nadine de Villiers

    Vitozol Life is by far the best product i have used for my anxiety, it also has improved my sleep.

  3. Avatar for Webmaster

    Amanda Dash

    I was diagnosed with fibromalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2005. Since September 2019 I started using vitozol CBD oil past 9 months. I am using no other medication. I went for a full blood count on Monday 12th May 2020 and I am as healthy as it can be. All my symptoms dissapeared. I could highly recommend CBD oil to anyone with this illness.

  4. Avatar for Webmaster

    Nato van Tonder

    Vitozol thank you for giving me back my sleep. Now with Vitozol I’m able to sleep through the night and feel great the next morning.

  5. Avatar for Webmaster


    I started using Vitozol CBD Oil after being really frustrated with a recurring shin injury caused by running about a month ago. Since using the Vitozol the inflammation in my shin has gone and I no longer feel any pain or discomfort.

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