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Healthy Living—5 Tips for Effective CBD and Hemp Oil Uses Before and After Exercise

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The CBD and hemp oil uses have taken the world by storm and it’s becoming prominent in more niches than you would expect. There are benefits across the board you can look forward to, although it’s always important to monitor how these products affect you specifically.

Now the question arises: how can you use hemp and CBD oil for running, your gym sessions or other exercises? And if it can help, how do you make sure you get the benefits others are experiencing already? Use our guideline to incorporate CBD and hemp oil uses effectively in your health regimen.

Are There CBD and Hemp Oil Uses for Exercising?

Both CBD oil and hemp oil uses for running and exercising exist, because both these substances are safe, healthy products to use. With hemp oil containing omega oils and CBD being know as an anti-inflammatory, you can improve your exercise routines when these natural products help keep you healthy. Also, by reducing anxiety with CBD oil, you may see your performance improve.

Now, how do you enhance effects to enjoy optimal outcomes?

5 Tips to Make it Work

Plan Correctly—Your Timeline Matters

As you’ll find in some of our other articles, the uses for CBD oil during running, training and exercise are vast. You can’t expect those results instantly though. Therefore, you need to plan when the best time is to use hemp oil or CBD oil. The effects will take a while to kick in in most cases, so consider what your outcome should be and plan from there.

For example, if you’re using CBD oil to calm your nerves before a race, don’t expect to experience instant peace after swallowing a drop. The onset could be gradual, so in order to be focused and less anxious at the start of a competition you may need to take it a few minutes before you start preparing.

Some users even say that they only experience the full effect after taking the CBD oil for a few days. This means that you may need to add it to your diet for the week before the big day, or you’ll feel just as stressed as usual when the siren goes.

Bottom line: you need to get to know your body and how it reacts to these natural substances. This will guide you in the best way forward during practice or competition.

Know Your Body—What Effect do You Need?

To plan efficiently you need to know what you end goal is and how to get YOUR body to that point. Just because other athletes are using hemp oil doesn’t mean it will automatically solve your exercise challenges too. As stated, hemp oil and CBD oil affect your body differently.

Start with the outcome you’re after. Hemp oil has healthy components that could help your body with inflammation while CBD oil will be the better option for many cases such as:

  • Lowering your stress levels
  • Shortening recovery times
  • Preventing nausea after excessive training or due to anxiety

Make sure you purchase the substance you need to reach your goal.

Handy tip: also think about the form you buy your product in. The market has many options, from vape juice to gummies, but an oil is often the most practical to carry with you and add to your diet.

Pick the Right Product—Not Everything Works

You can’t simply pick any CBD or hemp product you find in a store or online. There are many factors that determine the effects on your body and how impressive those outcomes will be. For example, oils harvested from quality plants are usually much more potent and healthier for you. This is why it’s important to research your supplier’s supply chain.

Another factor to make sure of is to only purchase 100% natural products. Synthetic versions aren’t as beneficial. And of course, you want products that have been tested and confirmed to be on par with the necessary safety standards for this industry.

The manufacturers that don’t have anything to hide will proudly share this information on pamphlets and websites. So, if you can’t find any mention of it, that’s a red light and you should probably steer clear.

Take a Chance—You Never Know How Your Body will Respond

You’ll hear many different stories from other users, your GP and the videos you’re bound to watch online. You’ll quickly discover that stories differ and that’s because we’re all unique. So, don’t let one person’s advice sway or influence you too much.

Take the information to help you incorporate CBD oil and hemp oil uses into your life safely. Also experiment so you can find out what dosages and products really work for you.

Check Your Dosage—Measure According to Your Build

One aspect you may have to adjust during your experimentation phase is the amount of hemp or CBD oil you take. Your height will influence how much you need to get results, so don’t accept you have to take as much as your taller or shorter friends. Also monitor outcomes continuously because the effects may change over time.

While it’s wise to listen to expert advice, also prepare yourself for an exciting journey of discovery. That’s what makes CBD and hemp oil uses so interesting to try.

The Vitozol team will be here if you need some guidance.

Final Thoughts

As with any medication or natural product, it’s not only WHAT you use but HOW you use it. That’s the key to enjoying all the potential locked away in these substances.

Remember, hemp oil uses for exercise may differ from CBD oil, since hemp oil usually doesn’t contain any CBD compounds. Talk to experts at Vitozol if you need clarity on the best product to invest in.

And if you have suggestions for other exercise fanatics, please don’t hesitate to share below.

Photo by Philip Myrtorp on Unsplash

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