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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Oil Research and Sleeping

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Have you been thinking about using cannabis oil to solve your insomnia?  Do you fall asleep as soon as you hit the pillow but then struggle to sleep through the whole night? How about those times you wake up at 1am in the morning, only to find yourself staring into the dark until dawn?

Whatever your sleeping habits, not getting enough sleep leaves you feeling frazzled, tired and unable to focus properly on your daily activities. You’ve heard about CBD oil benefits for bad sleeping habits. But cannabis oil research is also coming up with benefits to help people struggling with their sleeping.

CBD oil has been used with great results for people battling with sleep disorders. But, what about cannabis oil? Is there a difference between the two oils? After all, they both come from the same plant.

Read on to discover what makes cannabis oil different to CBD oil and how it can also help you get the full night’s sleep you so desperately crave.

Cannabis Oil vs CBD Oil: Key Differences and Similarities

The most common similarity shared between cannabis oil and CBD oil is that they both come from the same plant, Cannabis sativa. Both oils can be used to treat similar health issues but that’s where any similarity between the two oils ends.

The manufacturing and distribution of CBD oil and cannabis oil fall under completely different laws in many countries. The make-up of each oil is different, containing different parts of the cannabis plant. And, while each oil may treat similar health conditions, they can also be used for other different purposes.

The key differences between CBD oil and cannabis oil include the following:

  • THC content: CBD oil contains anything between 0.1% to 0.3% THC. This is the cannabinoid responsible for the hallucination “high” often associated with the cannabis plant. To be sold legally in most countries, regulations stipulate that CBD oil may not contain more than 0.3% THC. Cannabis oil contains a far higher concentration of THC.
  • Use: CBD oil is used for its therapeutic properties while cannabis oil is often used for recreational purposes. However, more people are turning to cannabis oil for medicinal reasons.
  • Legality: Cannabis is still considered illegal in many countries while CBD oil has been given the go-ahead to be used for treatments of certain ailments in some areas. In some countries, cannabis has been approved for medicinal purposes and a doctor may prescribe it for these reasons.

One of the main reasons people use CBD oil is to help them sleep better. So, can cannabis oil also be used for giving you a full night’s restful sleep?

What Has Cannabis Oil Research Revealed for Improved Sleeping?

Cannabis oil research and studies have indicated that cannabis oil can help with better sleeping patterns. Research identified key compounds found in the cannabis plant as being responsible for improving sleep cycles.

These natural compounds are known as cannabinoids and terpenes and they’re extracted from the plant during the production of both CBD and cannabis oil. Certain cannabinoids and terpenes have been noted specifically for their aid in assisting with sleep-related problems.

3 Cannabinoids That Aid in Better Sleeping

The three cannabinoid compounds identified in research that assist in better sleeping when using cannabis oil include the following:

  • CBD: This compound is found in all CBD oils and is known for its effect on sleeping. It’s also found in cannabis oil. This compound improves relaxation and anxiety, both necessary to aid in better sleep cycles.
  • CBN: Known for its strong sedative effects, this compound is enhanced further when combined with THC. Studies indicate that CBN is also highly effective in prolonging sleep.
  • THC: This compound is famous for its hallucination effects. However, cannabis oil research is indicating that this particular compound has sedative effects as well. Exciting news is emerging that this natural compound may also assist patients suffering from sleep apnea.

By using a combination of these cannabinoids in cannabis oil, the user will benefit from all the sedative properties associated with these compounds.

5 Terpenes for Improved Sleeping

Terpenes are tiny molecules found not only in the cannabis plant but in many other plants, flowers and fruit. They’re responsible for the variety of aromatic smells associated with many plants. The following terpenes are most commonly known for having certain affects on bad sleeping habits:

  • Caryophyllene: Found also in cloves and black pepper, this terpene is useful in reducing stress, anxiety and pain. Due to its analgesic and anxiolytic properties, it can also stimulate sleep.
  • Linalool: This terpene has a lavender scent and it helps to increase adenosine which is a hormone needed for a restful sleep. The compound helps to reduce anxiety and depression as well.
  • Limonene: Found in most citrus plants and the cannabis plant, this terpene has been identified to aid in patients suffering from insomnia. Studies have shown this compound assists in raising the serotine levels in the brain of rats.
  • Myrcene: Also found in basil, sweet thyme, mangoes and lemongrass, this natural compound can aid in promoting sleep with its sedative effects. It’s also most commonly used for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Terpineol: Known for its sedative properties, this terpene is also found in the eucalyptus and pine trees as well as the cannabis plant.

These common terpenes have already proven themselves to be beneficial in aiding with sleep-related issues. Using them in cannabis oil together with the other cannabinoid compounds mentioned above will go a long way to helping those suffering with sleeping problems.

Final Thoughts

With cannabis oil research being an ongoing process, more benefits of this oil for sleeping and other health issues are being highlighted. These developments are evidence that, if properly manufactured and controlled under strict safety standards, cannabis oil can be beneficial to helping those battling to get a full night’s peaceful sleep.

It’s hoped that eventually everyone will have access to this oil for therapeutic reasons. In the meantime, consider using CBD oil for solving your sleeping issues. Contact us at Vitozol so we can assist you in picking the right product for your specific sleeping needs. You’ll be glad you did when you start waking up rejuvenated and revitalised to face another day.

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