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10 Top CBD Oil FAQ—Everything You’re Too Afraid to Ask

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Let’s quickly settle a few matters. If you have one of the top CBD oil frequently asked questions listed below, it may keep you from experiencing all the benefits products like Vitozol have in store; for you AND your pets.

So, scan through the information we’ve compiled, get peace of mind and then make an informed decision on your CBD oil usage.

10 Top CBD Oil FAQ People Often Ask

What is CBD Oil—is CBD Oil a Drug?

CBD is also known as cannabidiol oil. You can get CBD oil either from a cannabis or hemp plant. CBD is a type of cannabinoid, but an entirely different one than THC. During production, CBD is isolated so it doesn’t contain traces of THC. This ensures that it won’t have the same impact of drugs like marijuana.

Different countries have different laws about CBD oil but in South Africa you can legally use this substance now.

Can I Get High from CBD Oil?

In order to experience the sensation many label as ‘getting a high’, you need to consume THC. This is Tetrahydrocannabinol which is the psychoactive cannabinoid component resulting in a ‘high’.

Even though marijuana plants contain this substance, it’s not present in CBD oil. At least, any legal CBD product in South Africa will only have 0.001% or less THC in the oil. This is because CBD is a completely different cannabis compound than THC. When manufacturers extract CBD from the plant, there’s no need to include parts that contain THC.

What Dosage Should I Take?

You are unique and there are different CBD oil products on the market these days. You need to find which dosage will work best for you. Start by reading any information or pamphlet you receive when you purchase top CBD products. Reputable manufacturers, like the team at Vitozol, provide you with clear guidelines on how to use the product and make the most of it.

You should also consider personal factors if you’re using CBD oil for a specific purpose. If you buy it for health reasons or to help you in your exercise routine, your weight and height may influence how it affects you.

It’s wise to consult with your doctor and follow his or her advice on dosages. Based on your physician’s feedback, try different amounts of CBD oil and determine which will give you the desired effect.

You should also discuss with your GP how long you plan on using CBD oil. Its effects may change over time. You need to monitor the outcomes to ensure it keeps benefiting you and helps you reach the goal you’re aiming for, such as minimising anxiety or improving gut health.

Does CBD Oil Help You Sexually?

There is no definitive proof of whether CBD oil will help with libido or not. In some cases it could boost sex drive, but some people find that it has the opposite effect.

Because CBD oil has the capability to influence stress levels, taking the oil can lead to less anxiety which could positively impact libido. Its anti-inflammatory properties could also help the body experience more drive.

Will CBD Oil Make You Gain Weight?

CBD oil can influence your appetite. For some CBD users it helps their appetite return. When this happens, it’s your responsibility to eat healthy and ensure you maintain a healthy weight. For others, when CBD oil helps your digestive system improve, it could assist in losing weight. It’s important to monitor outcomes continuously.

What Substances Should You Avoid When Using CBD Oil?

CBD oil can impact your body and therefore also change how certain drugs affect you. For this reason, it’s wise not to mix CBD oil into your treatment regimen if you’re taking blood medication such as blood thinners. When using thyroid or seizure medication you should also consult with a doctor before using CBD oil.

Can You Drink Alcohol While You’re Using CBD Oil?

When planning to take both alcohol and CBD oil, you need to plan for possible outcomes. CBD oil could help protect your cells against damage often caused by too much alcohol. However, the two together could also lead to more drowsiness compared to only taking one of them.

Will My Health Insurance Cover CBD Oil?

CBD oil is now freely available and is not a product you need a prescription for. In most cases, even if your doctor recommends CBD oil as part of a treatment, you’ll need to cover the costs yourself.

Can I Take CBD Oil with me on a Flight?

Because CBD oil is now legal to use in South Africa, you shouldn’t have any problems if you want to take if with you on a plane. Legally there are no real reasons why airport security will be able to stop you or confiscate it.

However, international laws differ, so if the country you’re flying to does not view CBD oil as a legal substance, you may have trouble if you want to carry it through customs. Rather find out from authorities beforehand to prevent unnecessary problems.

Is it Possible to Overdose on CBD Oil?

For most people CBD oil has very few side effects and it can help improve health rather than negatively impact it. This makes it safe for most people to use, even in large dosages. This also makes it very unlikely that you can overdose on CBD oil.

You do have to monitor what the effects on your body are, because each person is unique. However, unlike some drugs and medication it won’t easily lead to becoming unresponsive up to the point of struggling to breathe or slowing down the heart excessively. Also, because it’s a fairly healthy substance, large amounts of it won’t be a toxic mixture that the body can’t handle.


Feel better now that you have all the details? Or perhaps you have more questions on the topic?

At Vitozol we have experts who are more than happy to help you find your specific answers. Ask your top CBD oil FAQ in our comments section and we’ll reach out to you with some feedback.

Photo by Evan Dennis on Unsplash

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