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Top CBD Oil and Other Natural Products to Make Your 2021 a Brilliant Year

Make Your 2021 a Brilliant Year
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

You’re probably already making lists of dos and don’ts to make next year a better year than ever before. This is especially the case after a crazy 2020 where a pandemic turned an ordinary year into an adventure.

Perhaps you simply want to make up for lost time by ticking off a few items on your bucket list? Nothing wrong with that! But what about chasing long-term benefits instead of momentary gratification? Our suggestion is achieving this while using all-natural items that will benefit you without harming the environment. And guess what: you can achieve all of this by spoiling yourself with a few new items like top CBD oil or a new plant. We’ll list the must-haves below and you’ll see why they’re so valuable.

CBD Oil for Everyone at Home

At the very top CBD oil deserves first place on our list, because it can benefit so many aspects of your life AND we’re not talking about your family only. It works for pets like dogs, cats and horses too. So, if your four-legged friends are some of your biggest priorities in life, helping them enjoy more health, mobility and calm could be how your 2021 becomes a better year.

When you invest in quality, top CBD products—from oils to e-liquids for vaping—you give yourself access to a natural product packed with beneficial characteristics. It can help treat conditions like anxiety and insomnia, help with chronic pain or simply improve general health.

If you want an easy way to enjoy a higher quality lifestyle in 2021, top CBD oil products can help you with that.

Natural Pest Control

If less anxiety and more peace are some of your 2021 goals, perhaps it’s time to find better ways to deal with common frustrations. Like pests.

Yes, you can consider pest control, but you run the risk of dangerous chemicals in your home. Rather deal with some pests in a natural way:

  • Coffee grounds or a Borax-sugar mixture for ant infestations
  • Chopped up banana peel placed under the soil to rid plants of aphids
  • Rosemary burning in a fire to keep away mosquitoes
  • Some basil on your porch will keep flies away

Try a New Cooking Oil

Apart from dealing with anxiety, you also need to rethink your diet if you want a healthy 2021. So, swap out the processed vegetable oils—like canola oil—for the more natural options:

  • Avocado oils
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Ghee

Your body will love you for it and you know you’ll feel better about life if you enjoy good health.

Do Laundry the Natural Way

Your more natural approach can even play a role in your laundry room.

Perhaps one of your frustrations is a dry skin or allergic reactions to ‘something’. It could be the laundry detergents you’re using, so why not give yourself a chance at fewer irritations by investing in soaps that don’t contain any chemicals.

You can even skip fabric softener altogether and use some vinegar in your rinse cycle instead. Another option is wool dryer balls.

Get a Plant

Perhaps you simply need to gift yourself a plant for next year. Plants help in more ways than one!

Firstly, you’ll be surprised how seeing your fern or sapling grow can put you in a good mood in the morning. Pick a plant that will flower and those first blossoms are bound to brighten your days. If you’re stuck behind your desk all day, it may even be therapeutic to feel more connected with the outside if you can look up and see the greenery nearby.

Apart from the psychological benefits, a potted plant you place in your home or office can help clean the air. That means you breathe better quality air, so you’re once again benefiting your health.

We’ll say it again: when planning for a new season the secret is to find solutions that will have positive impact in the long run. And what better impact than helping you live a healthier life on a daily basis?

Use Natural Home Decor

If you think your next year requires some change, you may consider home renovations or redecorating a few rooms? Why not keep the natural approach even during that project?

If you’re renovating, look for ways to harness natural resources in a more environmentally friendly way. For example, collect rainwater for the garden, add skylights to use natural light or incorporate solar panels to generate power. When you do something for the environment each day, you’re bound to feel good about yourself.

When you start decorating, use natural elements like driftwood or rocks in your decorating instead of plastic or other items that can never be recycled.

Get Your Pottery On

Still on the topic of decorating, skip the expensive décor items you see in the magazines and opt for natural elements. Some you can even create yourself instead of paying someone else for it. For example, make pottery items for your living room yourself. This will carry sentimental value, it will look great and if you really tire of the look, it’s not harmful to the environment to get rid of.

Bonus: during your pottery class you may learn a new skill and discover a new passion, which is part of all of our bucket lists, right?


Imagine 12 months from now. You could be in a much better place, simply because you made small adjustments that had a massive impact on your lifestyle.

In life, it’s not always the big things that matter. From using top CBD oil to help your dog to getting your hands dirty with some pottery, there are many ways to make 2021 YOUR year. We’re simply saying, try the natural approach. You’ll be surprised at the results.

So, which of these tips will you implement and which items will you spoil yourself with?

Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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