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7 Questions to Ask a Supplier When You Buy Hemp Oil and Other Natural Remedies

7 Questions to Ask a Supplier When You Buy Hemp Oil and Other Natural Remedies
Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

If you’re looking to buy hemp oil you need to ask some questions before buying this natural remedy. But not only for hemp oil or CBD oil. Go into any local pharmacy or search online and you’ll find a wide range of natural health remedies available. But how do you know if you’re getting the right product that’s safe to use?

With more people turning to alternative methods for healing their bodies, the market has opened up to natural medicines. Complimentary or integrative medicine therapies often don’t need a doctor to prescribe natural remedies. This does mean you’ll need to pay more attention to the kind of product you pick for your treatment.

What Are Natural Remedies?

Alternative medicine refers to both the type of treatments and natural remedies used to treat a person with illnesses and diseases. These treatments can include acupuncture, reiki and chiropractic therapy. Natural remedies are plant-based medicines and use all or any parts of the plants, depending on the type of plant being used.

Some examples of natural remedies include:

  • Spices such as turmeric, cayenne and cinnamon
  • Garlic and ginger
  • Chamomile and peppermint teas
  • Echinacea
  • Hemp and CBD oil
  • Tea Tree oil
  • Herbs such as lavender, rosemary and basil

The list of natural remedies is extensive and not limited to those mentioned above. Naturopathy, also known as “natural cure” is being explored more by people to self-heal themselves. Seeking alternatives to the more traditional medicines such as antibiotics is possible. But, you need to ask the following questions before buying natural remedies from any supplier.

1. Does the Product Meet GMP Requirements?

Many countries stipulate strict testing and quality standard requirements for the manufacturing of products. And, this applies to natural remedies as well. Before buying any alternative medicine look for any certification labels indicating good manufacturing practice (GMP). If you can’t find a seal or label, then ask the supplier for this information.

It’s important to research the GMP requirements for your country. And, if you’re buying a product from another country then make sure they have strict GMP regulations in place.

2. Does the Supplier Have Good Qualtiy Control Practices?

The GMP certification will give you peace of mind the product is meeting high standards. But you still need to ask the supplier what quality control practices they have in place. Do they have a reputation for keeping the quality of their products at the optimum level? Review what other customers have to say about a particular brand to gauge their response to a certain product.

Strict quality control is essential for a product to be reputable and safe to use.

3. What Other Ingredients Are Being Used in the Product?

Too often we believe a natural product has no other ingredients in it. In some cases, you may be surprised to find additives in the product. These can include sugars, dyes, flavourants and dyes. While some additives may be necessary, the fewer of these ingredients in your medicines the better.

Always read the packaging for any extra ingredients and ask the supplier to explain why they’ve been added. For example, when you buy hemp oil make sure it’s 100% pure. In other words, it shouldn’t contain more than 0.01% THC (the compound responsible for hallucinations) or any other ingredients.

4. Does the Natural Remedy Include a Therapeutic Dosage?

Does the natural remedy product you want to use have the correct therapeutic dosage? In other words, will the amount of medicine you take give you the desired t outcome you need for proper treatment? Medical research indicates the correct therapeutic dosage for all medicines including natural supplements.

By making sure your natural product clearly states the dose quantities for effective treatment, you know the product has been properly manufactured.

5. Where is the Plant Cultivated?

Knowing where the plants are cultivated for natural remedies is important. Especially when you decide to buy hemp oil or similar products. Unfortunately, some plants may be grown under conditions which could lead to many toxins being integrated into the product. This is often as a result of environmental pollutants in the water and soil. So, knowing the plant has been cultivated in rich, fertile soil is important.

The supplier should be able to tell you the origin of the product and where it was grown. If they can’t give you a clear answer, it’s best to find another supplier who can.

6. What Extraction Methods Were Used?

Many natural remedies undergo extraction processes to draw out the specific compounds of a plant known to contain the medicinal properties. The extraction process has an impact on the final product and some of them can be negative.

When you buy hemp oil, it’s important to understand different extraction methods can be used to extract the medicinal compounds. Petroleum based solvents, supercritical CO2 and ethanol are the most common forms used. For high-quality hemp or CBD oil, make sure it’s undergone the ethanol extraction process.

7. Where Can I Buy Safe Natural Remedies?

This is the crunch question! You want to buy your alternative medicine from a reputable supplier. While most retailers and local dispensaries may sell your natural remedy in a shop, you may opt to go online. Ask around and get recommendations for the best suppliers of natural medicines.

Do some research on the company and ask all the above mentioned questions when you decide to buy from them. If you get good customer service and no evasion when you ask questions from a supplier, then you should be safe.

Final Thoughts

Natural remedies play an extremely useful and vital role in improving a person’s overall wellbeing. But you need to ask the right questions before venturing into alternative medicine to keep you safe and to get the most benefits. When next you decide to buy hemp oil or any other natural remedies, make sure you speak to the supplier.

We, at Vitozol, are always ready to answer your questions. So, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll give you the answers you need when you decide to buy a natural remedy.

Photo by Chelsea shapouri on Unsplash

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