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CBD and Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment: What Should You Know?

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People have used cannabis—marijuana—for medicinal and recreational purposes for many years. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved cannabis for cancer treatment—or for any other medical condition—chemical components of cannabis, known as cannabinoids, are commercially available.

These approved drugs may help manage the symptoms or treat the side effects of cancer. The possible benefits of both CBD and cannabis oil are not only interesting to note, but it’s also important to understand the difference between the two.

What Is the Difference Between Cannabis Oil and CBD Oil?

Originating in Central Asia, cannabis is now grown throughout the world. It’s derived from the Cannabis sativa plant. Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a highly purified compound comprised of 98% plant derived matter. Both hemp and marijuana—two kinds of cannabis plants—contain CBD, which is one of the numerous cannabinoids. What’s the difference between cannabis and hemp?

Cannabis (marijuana)

Cannabis contains a high enough amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive properties to make you feel “high”, whereas hemp does not. 


Hemp plants are very similar to cannabis plants. They contain far less THC, but a high level of CBD. Most CBD products are therefore derived from hemp and not marijuana. Because CBD isn’t a psychoactive agent, you’re less likely to experience drowsiness, hallucinations or mental confusion as you would with higher levels of THC.

What’s the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil?

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil comes from the cannabis plant flowers, leaves and stalks. It contains higher levels of THC than CBD oil. As a result, it can be more difficult to access. Cannabis oil is considered a narcotic in many countries and is therefore widely illegal.

Some people use cannabis oil because its high THC content is believed to assist with insomnia and pain problems. The benefit of cannabis oil is its effect has the potential to be both longer-lasting and stronger than CBD oil.


CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant flowers. It isn’t the same as cannabis oil, even though it’s derived from the same plant species. CBD oil is used for different purposes and even falls under different laws. CBD oil is generally made from industrial hemp.

Hemp plants are specifically grown for their high CBD oil content. CBD oil is not hemp oil, which is a cheaper alternative. It’s a cannabis product containing CBD and other cannabinoids, but without the high levels of the psychoactive substance THC. CBD oil is known for its possible therapeutic effects, such as the ease of anxiety, pain and chemotherapy side effects.

It’s generally sold as a food supplement rather than a medicine, and there isn’t sufficient evidence to support the use of CBD oil as a medicine. By ingesting drops, your body can positively benefit, resulting in a boosted immune system and increased energy.

How Do CBD and Cannabis Oil Work?

Cannabinoids activate specific receptors in your body to produce pharmacologic effects.


CBD oil functions as an antioxidant and helps protect your body & fight off various health issues. It’s a completely natural product that doesn’t contain any bacteria or fungus, so it’s safe to use and can benefit your entire body.

CBD oil is available in various forms and often administered as drops under your tongue. Consider it a health supplement that can improve your quality of life. By easily adding it to your meal plan, you can experience rapid results with a low risk of side effects.

Cannabis Oil

Patients use cannabis oil to aid their recovery processes and treatment plans. While it can assist in treating symptoms of certain medical conditions, cannabis oil can also minimise discomfort and pain, plus help combat side effects resulting from conventional treatments.

You may experience side effects from taking cannabis oil, which include:

  • an increased heart rate
  • dizziness
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia
  • a “high” sensation
  • possible interaction with other medicine

CBD and Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment

retired lady hugging her dogCan you use CBD and cannabis oil for cancer treatment? Even though it’s still a widely controlled substance, various medicinal cannabis products made from the cannabis species—including hemp and marijuana—are used to provide relief for certain medical conditions.

Medicinal cannabis hasn’t been proven to cure or treat cancer, but it can help people living with cancer in the following ways:

  • Antiemetic results: CBD oil can help to reduce nausea and vomiting, which is one of the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Better sleep: If you’re struggling to fall asleep or stay asleep, the correct cannabis oil dosage may help you to have an improved night’s rest.
  • Increased appetite: CBD oil doesn’t make you hungry, so it also doesn’t make you gain weight. However, if you’re suffering from a chronically low appetite due to your medical condition, particularly as a result of chemotherapy, CBD oil can help you gain weight by overcoming nausea.
  • Reduced pain: Studies have shown that CBD oil may reduce inflammation, overall discomfort and pain. This is particularly helpful in reducing chronic pain, through impacting the activity of endocannabinoid receptors and interaction with neurotransmitters. 

The medicinal cannabinoids in cannabis oil have been used to try and assist with killing abnormal cancer cells, particularly in early cases. Some chemotherapy patients use cannabis oil to help reduce their post-chemotherapy side effects including fatigue, immune suppression, inflammation, loss of appetite, nausea, neuropathic pain and vomiting.

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy should remember that cannabis oil could be potentially harmful and it’s not advised to solely use cannabis oil for cancer treatment. For this reason, cancer patients should always inform their doctors if they’re using cannabis oil, even as a dietary supplement. 


There are many possible benefits to using CBD and cannabis oil, including the alleviation of cancer-related side effects & symptoms, not forgetting its potential cancer-fighting properties.

Some countries have legalised medicinal use of cannabis, so cannabis oil can assist you if you’re a cancer patient, provided it doesn’t interact adversely with your current treatment or other medication. However, further research is needed to fully understand the various uses of cannabis oil for cancer treatment and other conditions.

If CBD oil is something you want to try, or you have a question, why not contact the Vitozol team of experts or leave a comment below?

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