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Top CBD Oil and 7 Other Natural Solutions that Will Make You Better at Your Job

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Top CBD Oil and 7 Other Natural Solutions

Is the year already getting the better of you? It’s not surprising, considering the stressful times we live in, exacerbated by politics, the economy, epidemics and many local and international factors. And then of course there’s the workload on your desk you have to face each day.

There’s no reason to keep on feeling overwhelmed and lose focus. There are items like top CBD oil products and methods like making a change to your diet that can be the key to make this year’s work experience better.

Remember, there are many factors that play a role in how you perform at work and feel about your job. You need to manage your stress levels, optimise your work environment and help your body perform at its best. So, do you need top CBD oils to drink or simply a plant on your desk? How about transforming how you feel about work by implementing more than one of these effective tips?

1. Update the Lighting

You don’t think about it when you’re caught up in spreadsheets and emails, but the light in your office will affect your productivity.

You may need artificial light to ensure you don’t strain your eyes in low light conditions. However, try to also get more sunlight into the room since warm light will be more relaxing and less harsh on the eyes than the bright white light coming from some modern bulbs.

Natural light may even boost your mood and productivity, so if there’s a window you can pull the blinds away from, do it!

2. Add Some Plants

You’ll be surprised what some greenery can do for you. Firstly, although all plants won’t magically clean the air, some of them can filter out certain toxins, creating a slightly better working environment.

A mental benefit of placing a plant near your desk is that it can make you feel more connected to the environment. This may improve your mood, either because you find joy in tending your plant or since you don’t feel like you’re missing out on everything outside the office anymore.

3. CBD Oil

After much controversy, CBD oil is at last part of many people’s lifestyles and for good reason. Top CBD oil products can be used to treat ailments or simply relieve some stress. Both of these scenarios will help you function better at work and lower your concern about reaching deadlines.

4. Manage Audio

All your senses affect how you perform at work, so perhaps it’s time to manage what you hear while at your desk. Firstly, note that different people require different audio experiences, so you need to determine what will benefit your focus and productivity.

If you prefer silence, are there ways to block out unnecessary noise so you don’t feel distracted? Perhaps you need noise cancelling headphones or simply turn your desk away from the rest of the office so you’re less affected by the bustle.

For others, the busy office sounds can be stimulating. This is a problem if you’re working at home alone, but it’s quickly remedied by playing background audio such as running water or coffee shop sounds while you work. You’ll find a lot of free recordings on YouTube!

5. Declutter

The reason you’re not getting your work done—and why you dread going to your desk each morning—could purely be because you have too much ‘stuff’ around you. Subconsciously, your brain craves some order. Take time to declutter and organise your space and tomorrow will feel better than today.

One more reason for decluttering is improving your workflow. Even though you think you know where everything is, chances are you waste time each day looking for an item or moving ‘stuff’ to get to a file, stationery or gadget. Take away unnecessary clutter and give each item a dedicated space, so you can get to it quickly without wasting a second.

6. Clean More Often

While you’re decluttering, why not clean up your work area? Studies show the space around your computer can contain even more germs than the average bathroom. Scary, right? That could be the source of your health challenges and the reason why you took so many sick leave days the last few months.

Even if you’re only feeling a tiny bit unwell it will affect your productivity, so doing everything in your power to stay healthy is vital. You’ll miss less work, so you’ll have less to catch up on which in turn means less to stress about. See the ripple effect?

7. Inspire Yourself with Smells

Another sense to manage: your sense of smell. Something as simple as a good odour can put you in a better mood, which will help you feel more positive about the day’s tasks. Why not light a candle or use air freshener smelling like your favourite fragrances?

8. Eat to Protect

One of the main reasons why you may lose focus or feel lethargic at work is because of bad health. From headaches to the flu you just can’t seem to get over, they will all affect your work performance. And the resultant stress from falling behind will only exacerbate health problems.

While you can’t always avoid work stress you can give your body a fighting chance at staying healthy by eating right. Even help your body with cognitive functioning by digesting the right foods. See what happens when you add the following to your diet:

  • Curcumin can fight inflammation
  • Rosemary may prevent degeneration
  • Fruit with antioxidants help your body counter attacks
  • Green tea to boost memory while lowering stress

Final Thoughts

Simply looking at your to do list can quickly make you feel overwhelmed most days. Read through this list and you’ll see there are many ways to manage those emotions and experience better work time. A few drops of the top CBD oil or simply cleaning up your work area can help you focus and become productive faster than you think. And enjoy less stress! All without even visiting the doctor.

Have more tips about work-life balance or uses of CBD oil? Please leave us some feedback below.

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

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