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Vitozol CBD Oil for Cats (300mg)
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Vitozol CBD Oil for Cats (300mg)



Vitozol CBD Oil – South Africas leading and most popular CBD oil brand.

Vitozol CBD oil for cats is extracted from organically farmed Industrial plants specifically cultivated for their high CBD content. Vitozol CBD oil for pets is routinely tested and pharmaceutically certified every month to ensure that it maintains the highest possible standard. Vitozol is certified to be bacteria fungus and contaminant free to ensure both the quality and safety of our product.

CBD oil could improve many aspects of your pets health. Many pet owners have a positive experience with using CBD oil.

Manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice by a South Africa SAPHRA approved lab

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charl haupt

Hi, I'm Dr. Charl Haupt, the quality control officer for Vitozol. We are pharmaceutically certified and passionate in our mission to provide safe and effective products that will help improve the quality of life of all around the world. Our products are also available on Takealot as well as Cornerstone Pharmacy in Honeydew. Our laboratory is situated in Randburg, Johannesburg.

  • Our products are 100% natural CBD (Not cheaper hemp alternative)
  • Vitozol does not contain any THC
  • A natural health supplement that can spark impressive results
  • Wide range of uses
  • It can improve quality of life
  • Easy to add to any meal plan
  • Expert testing and high safety standards
  • Enjoy fast results
  • Pharmaceutically certified
  • Safe to use for almost any age
  • Low risk of side effects

5 reviews for Vitozol CBD Oil for Cats (300mg)

  1. Avatar for Webmaster

    NADINE de villiers

    My older dog started getting pain in his hips, since using the Vitozol CBD drops he has been a lot more active and seems much more comfortable.

  2. Avatar for Webmaster

    Tanya Smith

    I purchased the Vitozol CBD oil for my 3 year old cat that is struggling with anxiety. I saw an immediate change in his anxiety levels and so relieved to have a much calmer and happier cat. I will recommend this for all pet owners and want to thank Vitozol for their great product and awesome service.

  3. Avatar for Webmaster


    When travelling with my pets I find Vitozol for pets very consistent and effective to treat their anxiety.

  4. Avatar for Webmaster

    Bronwyn King

    I ordered Vitozol for my cat initially, but he didn’t end up needing it. However I wanted to try it on my rabbit also who is stressed by building noise in the area. She’s near the end of her life and I’m convinced it’s made her more comfortable, improved her appetite, and she’s much less stressed. I think this is also a good option for palliative care for pets when there’s not much more you can do but make their last days with you as comfortable as possible.

  5. Avatar for Webmaster


    I got this for one of my rescue cats, a female who started over-licking or over-grooming an area because of stress between her and another female. I am so impressed with this product! She will still react to a situation like hiss or meow loudly (scream) but her patch of fur has grown back completely and she is so much calmer and happier (purrs so much more). I highly recommend and am so grateful for this product.
    One of my other cats who is a little sensitive (rescue cats) however responded differently – it seems to make her more agitated. I read that some respond like like but rarely.
    Another benefit about this particular product is the dosage! I tried a different brand and I have to use 40 drops! This product only requires 2 drops! :)

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