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CBD for ADHD and Other Conditions Parent Should Take Note of

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash
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It’s with great concern that some parents watch their children as they grow up. There’s the pressing responsibility to help one’s child through life and the desire that they only experience the best. But as most parents know, you don’t have control over all the factors that determine those outcomes.

One major concerning matter is a child’s health. You can do everything possible to keep your child away from germs and pay for good medical care but that doesn’t guarantee a disease-free childhood. Some face the reality of mental or physical challenges, from being on the autism spectrum and struggling to fit in with society to dealing with cancer.

Some good news is that nature can come to the rescue, even if only in part. Many parents have seen the positive results of CBD for ADHD, anxiety and many other challenges kids may face. Here’s a summary of what CBD may assist with in your family.

Using CBD for ADHD

For many children, the neurodevelopmental disorder called ADHD can be very debilitating and frustrating. The inability to give proper attention in a classroom and feeling hyperactive and impulsive, makes class environments and even interaction with others a challenge.

While there haven’t been extensive studies on the topic of CBD for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), many parents have hope that CBD could be the answer if used correctly. After all CBD has been used to help with other conditions that involve hyperactivity, so why not use CBD for ADHD too?

One reason this could be the solution you’re looking for is that ADHD is related to dopamine deficiencies or abnormal transmission of dopamine. This is a sign that a child’s endocannabinoid system could be involved, a system which CBD could impact.

Studies are ongoing but apart from using CBD for ADHD there are other outcomes that you would appreciate as well, such as lowering anxiety—discussed in more detailed below. Since children may be anxious in their school environments because of the stress of dealing with ADHD, trying out CBD for ADHD could solve more challenges than you expect.


If your child is autistic, you know the challenges it brings such as sensory disfunction and repetitive behaviours. While these are concerning on their own, it’s often the additional side effects and disorders that are upsetting to both child and parent:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Not being able to sleep properly
  • Epileptic seizures

While CBD can’t necessarily prevent certain behaviours or disfunctions, it has brought many parents and children a new lease on life by helping to treat side effects. Parents have claimed that it lowers anxiety levels and prevents seizures or at least make them less intense. Also, CBD’s capacity to help improve sleep already benefits the child’s general health and prevents exhaustion which can exacerbate any situation.


Your child is growing up in a very complicated society and there are many stressors they face every day. This could involve peer pressure, the concern about performing well in school or seeing the state of the world around them and struggling to make sense of it all. For many of them, it leaves them anxious and restless.

For some children the aspect of anxiety could be even more intense. Children may be diagnosed with social anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder if there were any traumatic experiences in their lives.

Luckily, unlike with the matter of CBD for ADHD, there has been quite a lot of research about the impact of CBD for people facing anxiety. Research shows many positive outcomes for people who tried CBD as a remedy for anxiety related conditions mentioned above, such as OCD. For some, it even alleviated depression and at the very least it could be a dynamic complimentary therapy to people’s existing treatments.

So, what about children? Although it’s always important to customise dosages for children, with the positive outcomes in studies, there’s good motivation for using CBD for anxiety for kids too. Since CBD doesn’t contain THC, it won’t lead to a high in a patient. Also, with CBD being a natural product, parents can use it with peace of mind.

In addition, with many people reporting an improvement in sleep cycles while using CBD, the benefits could be diverse for any child suffering from anxiety.

Did you know stress can reduce the body’s ability to fight off diseases? This increases the number of problems a child and his or her parents face. With more sleep giving the body more time to recover each night and boosting one’s immune system, your child’s body will be more empowered to fight the effects of stress and anxiety.

Seizures and Epilepsy

Welcome news in the world of healthcare is that CBD is taken seriously as a way to treat certain seizures. Specifically, experts have done research and many suggest CBD can help for the following:

  • Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
  • Dravet Syndrome
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

It’s also viewed as a treatment that children can benefit from.

It is important to tailor dosages for the specific patient, because there is a chance that CBD products can spark more seizures in some people. It’s wise to discuss CBD usage with a healthcare practitioner to ensure the safest possible treatment.


While CBD is not a cure for cancer, parents have been amazed at how it can complement a treatment program. For example, it’s been a safe natural product to keep on administering, even when treatments require all other supplements and medications to stop. It has helped children maintain a healthy weight and enjoy better quality of life, while they undergo chemotherapy.

Parents also feel it’s safe to give to their children since side effects like drowsiness often go away over time. Also, being hungrier because of using cannabis oil products is actually a good side effect to have for cancer patients. They feel more inclined to eat and keep up their strength.

Final Thoughts

What is your child struggling with? What is keeping you up at night? You can try CBD for ADHD, cancer treatments and many other conditions that may be robbing your child of the joy they deserve during childhood years.

With Vitozol’s quality products you can be sure you’re getting the best CBD oil can provide. You’re welcome to talk to our experts if you need more information before you buy.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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