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CBD Oil for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs and 3 More Tips to Make Pet Care Easier

Being a pet owner can be difficult due to the communication barrier between you and your animal. It can be heartbreaking seeing your pet in pain, especially when there’s nothing you can do. However, maybe you’ve heard of CBD oil for dogs and wondered if it will make a difference to your dog’s pain. Fortunately, […]

cbd for cats

CBD for Cats: 7 Reasons No New Pet Owner Can Do Without it

You’re holding that little ball of fur in your hands, wanting to give it the best life possible. You’ve purchased a soft bed, a scratch post and of course the best cat food money can buy. All set? What about optimising its health? For this, many pet owners opt for CBD for cats and the […]

dog lying on floor

CBD Oil Uses for Dogs – Your Effective Alternative Treatment for Treating Your Anxious Dog

Does your special four-legged friend suffer from anxiety? Finding the right treatment for your anxious dog can be challenging, especially when you want an alternative solution to the usual options suggested by vets. Let’s be honest—it can become very expensive! Luckily, CBD oil is being used for alternative treatments for many underlying health issues, common […]

5 health conditions

5 Health Conditions for Which You can Use CBD Oil for Dogs

For most of us, our four-legged best friends are like kids in the house. You buy them treats and soft bedding and toys, greeting them whenever you leave or return home. And even if your dog is mostly outside as a hard worker on the farm or the guard dog outside, keeping intruders out at […]

cannabis oil for cats

All There is to Know About Cannabis Oil for Cats

Part of being a responsible pet owner means caring for your furry (or feathered, fluffy, scaled or bald) friend even when they’re not sick. And with the rising cost of pet insurance and being on the receiving end of eye-watering vet’s bills, proactive care is becoming a much more popular option than reactive care. For […]

pets with cancer

How CBD oil can prolong and improve lives of pets with Cancer

Contrary to popular belief, hemp is completely safe for human and animal consumption. THC (the psychoactive part of Cannabis) is not present in CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and this non-psychoactive compound boasts more than 113 cannabinoids with incredible benefits for humans and animals alike. It has no toxicity and it is almost impossible to overdose. How […]

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