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cbd meaning

CBD Meaning and 25 Other Important Definitions – Complete Glossary

If you’re a newcomer to CBD, you’re going to discover a whole lot of words and terms that seem gibberish! The vocabulary around this alternative healing substance is complex. By exploring the CBD meaning and other important definitions, you’ll have a better understanding of the jargon related with this product. Use our complete glossary (in […]

CBD Oil for dogs

CBD Oil for Dogs and 3 More Tips to Make Pet Care Easier

Being a pet owner can be difficult due to the communication barrier between you and your animal. It can be heartbreaking seeing your pet in pain, especially when there’s nothing you can do. However, maybe you’ve heard of CBD oil for dogs and wondered if it will make a difference to your dog’s pain. Fortunately, […]

CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits: What It Means for the Beauty Industry

CBD oil and hemp are extremely popular products at the moment. You can find it in beverages such as cocktails, energy drinks and snacks like chocolate and even in clothing. The amazing ingredient of CBD oil is packed full of benefits, so it’s no surprise that it’s also taking the beauty industry by storm. You’ll […]

Vitozol Family of Products

CBD for Inflammation: How to Manage Your Pain Better

Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular natural remedy for a large range of ailments but can you use CBD for inflammation? What exactly will you consume if you try this therapy? Over 100 chemical compounds can be found in the marijuana plant, otherwise known as Cannabis sativa. THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in […]

CBD for Asthma

CBD for Asthma: Interesting Facts All Families Should Know

The idea if battling just to draw your next breath is a scary notion but you or a loved one may be one of the many who face this reality on a daily basis. All because if asthma. You’re probably continuously looking for efficient treatment which is why many consider CBD for asthma. Are you […]

CBD Oil for IBS

CBD Oil for IBS – What South Africans Should Know

Although cannabinoid medicines have been used for many years people are still learning about its medicinal properties and the many ailments it can assist with. At the moment, people want to know if CBD oil for IBS really works. That’s what you can find out in today’s post. If you have a suspicion that you […]

CBD oil for IBS

CBD Oil For Anxiety – Does It Really Work?

Did you know that 4% of the global population suffer from anxiety? Since pharmaceuticals can have major side effects, people are looking for CBD for anxiety, depression and even pain. Given that Cannabidiol products have been made legal in many parts of the world, including South Africa, CBD oil has become a popular anxiety medication. […]

cbd for cats

CBD for Cats: 7 Reasons No New Pet Owner Can Do Without it

You’re holding that little ball of fur in your hands, wanting to give it the best life possible. You’ve purchased a soft bed, a scratch post and of course the best cat food money can buy. All set? What about optimising its health? For this, many pet owners opt for CBD for cats and the […]

Photo by Stephane Juban on Unsplash

CBD Oil Benefits All Over 50s Need to Know About

First of all, it’s NEVER too late to start taking extra care with your health. While most of us feel invincible in our 20s and even our 30s, it’s an unfortunate truth that at some stage our bodies simply start deteriorating. But there’s a lot you can do to slow down the process and during […]

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