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4 CBD and Hemp Oil Uses You Didn’t Know About

So, you’re staring at the wide range of products in the health store, wondering which one is really going to help. How many come from manufacturers who use marketing ploys to prompt gullible consumers into spending their hard-earned cash? You have every right to be apprehensive. Let’s face it: you live in a society that […]

retired lady hugging her dog

CBD and Cannabis Oil for Cancer Treatment: What Should You Know?

People have used cannabis—marijuana—for medicinal and recreational purposes for many years. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved cannabis for cancer treatment—or for any other medical condition—chemical components of cannabis, known as cannabinoids, are commercially available. These approved drugs may help manage the symptoms or treat the side effects of cancer. The possible […]

pets with cancer

How CBD oil can prolong and improve lives of pets with Cancer

Contrary to popular belief, hemp is completely safe for human and animal consumption. THC (the psychoactive part of Cannabis) is not present in CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and this non-psychoactive compound boasts more than 113 cannabinoids with incredible benefits for humans and animals alike. It has no toxicity and it is almost impossible to overdose. How […]

group of people

What can Vitozol daily CBD oil do for YOU?

  Is there a specific part of your body that prevents you from enjoying life, being active with your friends or making the most of your day at work? Chances are that CBD oil can transform that aspect of your health, even in a relatively short period. Among its other health benefits, CBD is used […]

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