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Syd Vicious on Vitozol

I was surprised to be reminded about submitting this Testimonial after JUST ONE WEEK… I mean what was going to have improved so drastically that I would notice and have something to write about??

…well I guess Vitazol’s natural healing properties and their effect on Syd Vicious, my Jack Russel, who had orally been taking it with his dinner only 9 times by now…  did show some results…

When I was 1st given the Product I mentally decided to see if Vitazol would do anything for his most obvious ailment – his badly inflamed skin, which had suddenly flared up around the pads on his two back paws. It was definitely irritating and possibly hurting him; and caused him to want to constantly lick those areas as an alleviation. Well today, exactly 10 days after receiving the Vitazol, I saw a huge improvement! The red, inflamed, blotchy areas had all but disappeared (almost gone) – only a couple of small patches still showed milder signs of it and he’s not constantly licking it anymore.

Whilst pleasantly surprised by this obvious recovery… I deducted that his system must somehow be more balanced and that his metabolism must be running optimally if his body is starting to heal itself from the inside out… so, intrigued by this, I checked his stools … just as they should be, they looked healthy and firm (as were Nani’s, my little Minpin also on Vitazol, who has always had bad bouts of a softer stool appearance, due to a sensitive digestive system)

I then took a good look at my guys and noticed a sense of wellbeing… shinier coats… and did they somehow seem perkier? … They definitely had more bounce in their body language…

Impressed by this my curiosity is certainly peaked… and I wonder what improvement I will see by the end of the next week or month…

I have also decided to see what Vitazol will do as a topical application for Syd, who is almost 13, and, as happens with old dogs, has developed two strange “warty” growths – nothing bad so far, but the vet did say I should keep an eye on them…

Looking forward to seeing what further results “Syd Vicious and his Vitazol” journey will bring…



(observation made 16/6/2019)

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