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charl haupt

About Dr Charl Haupt


Dear animals and owners

My name is Charl Haupt, I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals where after I attended the University of Potchefstroom to study Pharmacy. During my course I did a course in Veterinary Pharmacology and pursued a diploma (Dip. Vet. Pharm) via Kings College (London). After graduating with a degree in Pharmacy (B. Pharm)(SAPC 19272), I worked for many years as a pharmacist. Recently I acquired GCP certification (clinical trials) and most recently became a registered Traditional Doctor (00010937/001). I am the Quality Control officer for Vitozol products and I believe that our animals should receive only the best treatment to ensure their Quality of Life.

My Story

My wife and I had two Italian Greyhounds named Phoebe and Joey; approximately 4 years ago Phoebe was diagnosed with Melanoma (skin cancer) and after 11 months of enduring a painful struggle, several surgeries and numerous conventional medications and treatments, she passed away at the age of 11. I started investigating different ways of managing pain in animals, particularly during the latter stages of cancer and found that CBD wielded the best results. I believe that I searched in an effort to alleviate my personal guilt in not being able to give Phoebe the quality of life that she deserved. Joey has the same condition at present, but by giving him CBD over the course of the last 12 months, he is as happy and content as ever. He has very little pain and is quite active; and even though he is almost 14 years old (and going blind), I do believe that he has quality of life because we can see it!


I am extremely proud to be associated with Vitozol; it is a holistic, naturally organic and (most importantly) effective product. From start to finish, Vitozol undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and efficacy at all times. It is safe for all animals with no side-effects (if used correctly) and no contra-indications.
Vitozol is an absolutely essential part of treatment in animals, I encourage you to try it and see what a significant difference it makes. It promises Quality of Life to all animals.

Kind regards

t/Dr. Charl Haupt

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