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pets with cancer

How CBD oil can prolong and improve lives of pets with Cancer

Contrary to popular belief, hemp is completely safe for human and animal consumption. THC (the psychoactive part of Cannabis) is not present in CBD oil (Cannabidiol) and this non-psychoactive compound boasts more than 113 cannabinoids with incredible benefits for humans and animals alike. It has no toxicity and it is almost impossible to overdose. How […]

group of people

What can Vitozol daily CBD oil do for YOU?

  Is there a specific part of your body that prevents you from enjoying life, being active with your friends or making the most of your day at work? Chances are that CBD oil can transform that aspect of your health, even in a relatively short period. Among its other health benefits, CBD is used […]


Save Up to 80% on Your Next Vet Bill with These 17 Natural Remedies

Last month was not an easy month. Why? Vet bills! It only took two visits to drain the cash that should have gone into my savings. First, my puppy tore her dew claw during a run one afternoon. Then the older one had a seizure one night. We had to rush them to the vet […]


Oliver – North Riding

In human years I am a 3 year old Tabby cat and in cat years I am a teenager. Being a teenager comes with a little bit of crazy and I regularly kept the whole household awake when they needed to rest and relax after a long day at work. My human mommy started giving […]

Syd Vicious on Vitozol

I was surprised to be reminded about submitting this Testimonial after JUST ONE WEEK… I mean what was going to have improved so drastically that I would notice and have something to write about?? …well I guess Vitazol’s natural healing properties and their effect on Syd Vicious, my Jack Russel, who had orally been taking […]

dig tummy scratch

How your pet can benefit from CBD oil

We only want the best for our fury friends and when it comes to CBD supplements there’s a lot of information floating around the net. The CBD market for both pets and humans is one of the fastest growing markets in the word and many fly by night companies have jumped on the bandwagon.  Claims […]

charl haupt

About Dr Charl Haupt

Introduction Dear animals and owners My name is Charl Haupt, I grew up on a farm surrounded by animals where after I attended the University of Potchefstroom to study Pharmacy. During my course I did a course in Veterinary Pharmacology and pursued a diploma (Dip. Vet. Pharm) via Kings College (London). After graduating with a […]

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