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The 7 Truths About CBD Oil South Africa Needs to Know About

truths about cbd oil
Figure 1 by Cleo Robertson on Pixabay

Saying that CBD oil is part of a controversial topic in South Africa is an understatement. Mention the term and you’ll probably see many people’s eyebrows move. That will often be out of curiosity since many realise the benefits of CBD oil South Africa can enjoy. But yes, you’ll also get a few frowns from those who don’t yet have all the facts.

So, let’s clarify!

CBD Oil is NOT the Same as Cannabis Oil

One of the reasons why  your friends or relatives may frown when hearing you’re using CBD oil is because they’re probably thinking of cannabis oil. Yes, CBD oil and cannabis oil come from the same types of plants, but they’re vastly different:

  • Cannabis oil usually has large amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which CBD oil does not.
  • The presence of THC means that cannabis oil will have a different effect on your system than CBD oil.
  • In many cases, people using cannabis oil will experience a ‘high’ because of the THC presence, while CBD oil is used for different benefits, usually associated with general health.

From this it’s clear why for using CBD oil South Africa has no laws that make the action illegal. With peace of mind you can use CBD products, as long as it’s purchased from reputable companies that deliver quality oils.

It’s About Wellbeing—Not the High

The facts stated above clearly show that using CBD oil isn’t motivated by wanting to be on a high and losing touch with reality. Quite simply, CBD oil can’t give you a high.

Rather, the trend of using CBD oil South Africa is seeing is motivated by people’s yearning to enjoy overall wellbeing. CBD products can help with this thanks to the many healthy properties present in the oil. From managing the effects of other medication to supporting a body that’s in the process of healing, there are many success stories.

With CBD being a natural product with anti-inflammatory properties, it could be the ideal product to help your body cope better with stress, recovery processes or health conditions.

You can Use it for Humans AND Animals

When legislation changed about the use of CBD oil South Africa responded enthusiastically. You’ll get a range of different CBD oil products on today’s market because there are so many different uses. Do a quick search online and you’ll find oils, shampoos, sprays, ointments and more. Interestingly these ranges of products aren’t for humans only. For pet owners especially, the oil is a welcome remedy.

Animal lovers use it for their four-legged friends and often report on the positive results they see. Their feedback shows it may help to treat conditions such as the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Pain
  • Skin conditions
  • Managing pets’ appetites
  • Recovery after operations

So, what animals can enjoy the benefits of cannabis oil South Africa is seeing across the country? From large animals like horses to smaller dogs and cats, there are products for them all.

There’s Very Little Chance of Overdosing on CBD Oil

In fact, your chances of overdosing on CBD oil are basically zero. Overdosing relates to having toxic amounts of substances in your body. These substances overwhelm the body and your body reacts with a biological response. In extreme cases this can be fatal, such as having respiratory failure in the case of a chemical overdose.

But when using quality CBD oil, there are no toxins, so an overdose isn’t possible. Simply make sure you source your CBD oil from respected brands that assure you of its quality and the absence of contaminants.

It’s Safe to Use CBD Oil South Africa!

The above facts provide you with clear proof that it’s safe to become part of the CBD community and keep some in your home. After all, if it’s safe enough to give some to your cat at home, surely it’s safe enough for you?

CBD Oil can HELP—Not Hinder—Addicts

Here’s another reason some people will start frowning when the topic comes up of cannabis oil many South Africans are now frequently using: people think you’ll get ‘hooked’, become an addict and never be able to live without it again.

Quite the opposite! In reality, some people actually use CBD oil to help them get over other addictions.

If someone is addicted to morphine or other painkillers, CBD oil can help them learn new habits. In part, this could be because the CBD oil can minimise the pleasure someone feels when using a product such as morphine. Over time, the individual may then experience fewer cravings and be empowered to make smarter decisions since they’re not overwhelmed by the need to use other drugs.

This actually makes CBD oil a powerful tool in the fight against drugs, don’t you think? Tell that to your frowning family members and help them cultivate a new view about life as they knew it!

The Benefits of CBD Oil Have Been Known for Centuries

For many of us, CBD oil is something entirely new. And perhaps you think the laws that once prevented its use was put in place when someone discovered a ‘new drug’. In truth, the many benefits of cannabis and hemp plants were known to Queen Victoria in the 1800s and the Chinese in 2700BC.

It’s only when certain parts of the plant are utilised in the wrong manner that one should get concerned. Your bottle of CBD oil can be the solution from nature that you’ve been hoping for all along.


So, now there’s only one question left to ask: will you be joining those using CBD oil in South Africa? Or will you keep on frowning about a product that’s actually resulting in so many positive stories around the country?

Figure 1 by Cleo Robertson on Pixabay

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